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Monday, May 24, 2010


Its the time u guys have been waiting for! My brand new blog is OPEN!! :P

Im so happy! Finally!
Hurry go click it and open!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010




This really suck. Till today I'm still not blogging. Somehow i don't even feel like blogging anymore...hmmm but, when i started looking back at last time post's.. it seems so awesome..memories are kept forever. i mean still i do obviously take picture's. Just that if i don't blog, it wont be as nice to see it in just pictures right?. If i blog with it and have pictures and story's about that day like what happen all.. wouldn't it be better?? don't u think so?? i do. :)

Poor me.. i miss my blogging life actually..

Alot of different things has happen to me. My life has totally changed from 2009. 2010 was like the new beginning life of freedom, experiencing diffrent kinda life style. I even started to dye my hair for the first time. then dyed the second time haha. Then the third time..haha im addicted to dying hair now. >,< (thats not a good thing trust me.)"my hair is becoming liek wire"

Anyway at the end, all i have to say is thank you to those ppl who supported my blog last time always following it. But i stop blogging so sudden. I'll seriously try to work out everything and maybe blog a super long post once i can upload my picture's again. About how my looks changed from 2009 to 2010 May.. then whats kinda happening to my life now. who i've been hanging out with. yup that's about it.

Thank you for reading. :)
Hope u guys will still follow my blog.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yes my blog is dead! i know! -.-"

Ok... until now, i still cant find a way to solve the picture uplaod thingi. Cause waiting for daphne Charice to teach me.. :p

"im waiting.."

So in the meantime. Just follow my facebook if u wanna know whats going on with my life or new picture's of me.

hmm mm yup.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Yes yes Still finding a way to blog...

I know i can use like those photo bucket or..other's to upload the photos but i wanna find another even easier way.. so be patient and wait. For me to post once again.~

Im not dead yet. haha. still very happening. XD

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

vicky was here.

still testing.. :D
vicky was here!!

Friday, January 15, 2010



i just wanted to blog then, while i was happily uploading the pictures just.. about to finish uploading the last few photos.. this fucking thing pop out!

You have exceeded your total photo upload quota!!!!!!


i barely even upload that much picture. wait is there even such thing??
You have exceeded your total photo upload quota?? is there? this never happen to me..


if u say why i didnt blog? blame 7 blogspot..for doing this to me.. hell nonsense! screw it!

At tenji then genting then maison lol~~~



Ok as my blog has not enough space for picture's, this sentence keep popping out...

You have exceeded your total photo upload quota.

So after this very last post. i wont be blogging for somtime until i'll fix everything back.

Then here we go, this was like a week back stuff what i did.
i went Tenji with my secondary school classmate's.
Was suppose to have more pics but i wasnt allowed to upload anymore.

Debra, mabel and me.

Then at night went to genting...very random us.
Me, evern and edmund. haha.



Edmund & Evern

Guess who's? XD



Then the next morning, we had mcd's for lunch. we woke up kinda late..

then later on we had a drink at starbucks. before we went back down to KL.

BTW!! evern bought this perfume from japan for me.. :P
Thank you!!

candid pic, taken by edmund lol!

Then at night here i come, maison.

For my 2 lovely jie's Huisien and Rachel's birthday. :)

me, waiyen and adele

Rachel lee jie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)


jolene was there too.

Cassidy kor.

Jordan wong.


Cassidy always spoil's picture's XD JK!

Wei chen lee ! :P
Firt time meet him in person. haha